The Dooya Electrical Technology Co., Ltd.

is a global leader in smart home, windows and doors automation solutions provider, and the tubular motor industry's leading enterprises. . The the main production smart home products, tubular motor, electric curtains motor, venetian blinds motor, open the window machine, control systems and accessories, etc. products.

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  • Zigbee wireless communication technology, developed more than 150 kinds of intelligent products to achieve the control of local and remote visualization technology patents owned by the company has reached 130. The intelligent module, smart host, intelligent remote control and so is the industry leader. Smart home products anytime, anywhere, the arbitrary manipulation of truly "intelligent", "remote".

Motor Remote Host Software Module
  • The Dua companies adhere to international brand management, adherence to good faith cooperation, the principle of mutual benefit and win-win; to maintain a high sense of responsibility and mission, the constant pursuit of product development and innovation; always adhere to good product quality and service quality is to create the most trusted brandsbasic; insist on helping Dua dealers in the region to smoothly expand the market, and to the continuous development and growth; Dua distributors to create to maximize the interests of colleagues, but also service the majority of consumers in the region, whichDua company was founded and adhere to the best idea.

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