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The Lawson companies adhere to international brand management, adherence to good faith cooperation, the principle of mutual benefit and win-win; to maintain a high sense of responsibility and mission, the constant pursuit of product development and innovation; always adhere to good product quality and service quality is to create the most trusted brandsbasic; Lawson distributors to create to maximize the interests of colleagues, but also service the majority of consumers in the region, which Lawson company was founded and adhere to the best idea.

Dealer websites, magazines, media learned Dua want joining Dua, to communicate by phone or website or direct and Dua, Regional Services Commissioner, detailed understanding of the relevant business operation, to apply to join.

Dealers and Regional Services Commissioner, to confirmation by the investment manager to learn more about the dealer, the dealer to provide the information accurate and truthful is the basic premise of the company to determine the dealer qualified.

Company pursuant to apply in your area and viability of a comprehensive assessment and to respond to. Meet the joining requirements, to the applicant invited to visit, study, talks about joining the group.

The dealer calls to the company consulting to understand the situation, after the Regional Manager to communicate with the company investment, indicating that joined the sincerity to the website for the company's product line and policy, joined the company may apply for further communication data.

Detailed understanding of the company to join the data and conditions for cooperation, approved the company's development of ideas, willing to partner with the company's long-term exhibition.

Both sides in-depth negotiations to determine the details of cooperation, the franchisee to pay to join the deposit, samples of the deposit, and formally signed a distribution alliance contract. Authorized contract set to formally become a corporate partner.

Dealers and the company signed a contract, strict implementation of the terms of the agreement. Company will be based on the specific circumstances of the franchisee, the franchisee system of specialized training to ensure that the dealers the smooth commencement of business.

Cooperation during the company to provide technical advice, organize technical training from time to time, may be represented by the market according to market demand, the Commissioner-site training of distributors and sales knowledge, installation expertise and knowledge of service.

    1. Wide variety of products, no matter how you choose;
      Strict quality control, independent products meet national standards;
      After years of operating experience, the company abandoned the low degree of market acceptance of products, selection of products for the market to make your sales more smoothly.
    1. Comply with the rules specified by the Corporation, the agency distribution contract has been signed, should also be signed after-sales service undertaking;
      Franchisees must be an independent legal entity, whether state-owned or private enterprises;
      Social marketing network, and have experience of selling similar products;
      Certain economic strength and management ability, a good business reputation and business ethics;
      The company's products, culture and business philosophy fully recognized;
      Business premises comply with the company, working conditions and personnel.
    1. The VI manual, unified brand image.
      Delivery amount in proportion to the corresponding promotional materials (promotional materials, product brochures, etc.) and promotional materials;
      Assistance to participate in the dealer to enhance the brand and a variety of activities and exhibitions.
      Long-term education and training: the dealer to provide a comprehensive system management support, such as a variety of training, management plan and related information;
      Limit to join the regional protection policy support: the company will strictly control the quantity and quality of the joining region and franchisees, and the establishment of a comprehensive price control system and policies;
      Strict market protection and supervision, to prohibit changing products, lower prices dumping, regulate the operation of the market to ensure that the interests of dealers;
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