Concerned about the dynamics of the smart home industry

Smart Home will allow users a more convenient means to manage the household equipment, For example, home touch screen, wireless remote control, telephone, internet or voice recognition to control home appliances, but also can perform scenes, so that multiple devices to the formation of linkage; anotheramong the various aspects of smart home devices that can communicate, does not require user command can be run depending on the state of interactive, give users the greatest degree of efficient, convenient, comfortable and safe.

      The brand is the driving force for the development of intelligent home can not be ignored

      Industry News2012-07-13 05:30
  • With the continuous development of the socio-economic as well as information technology, the pursuit of quality of life demand increases, more and more attention to the living environment is comfortable, humane and intelligent home life. In recent years, smart home development in our country in full swing. 2000 promotion in the country, now the smart home market. After the incubation period of ten years, has entered a stage of rapid development.

    As a people yearning for a way of life, intelligent home more and more people recognized and accepted. Smart home applications, mostly high-end residential villa buildings. But as the market matures and the continuous development of information technology, the smart home industry into the ordinary people's homes. Ministry of Industry is to include intelligent home in the 12th Five-Year Plan, one of the nine industries. Insiders pointed out that the smart home in the average family, the industry will be made ​​leaps and bounds.

    review the road of development of the smart home market did not develop smoothly. However, in recent years, the Government has invested more attention and support, many enterprises in the industry but also to find business opportunities for smart home once again into the public eye. With the improvement of the overall market environment, the development of mobile Internet and broadband speed, the smart home are able to generate positive force, and to encourage more new features into the smart home industry. Can always bring up a new concept to the application from the proposed industry-related business opportunities, smart home is no exception.

    Under the national advocate, and broad development prospects of the smart home industry will also have more companies involved. For many enterprises, how to shape their own brands in the industry to better promote their products, how to obtain a good reputation in the minds of consumers can not be ignored. The brand has been fully reflected in today's society for the influence. Consumers in the choice of the brand is fairly valued, companies have realized these problems, it is a focus on brand building, from enterprises to increase their own site building, the appearance rate of business leaders, the media is becoming more conscious, intelligent home business own brand-building has been significantly improved. The promotion and development of the brand is the only way for outstanding business success on the road. Development of the industry an important boost.[Source: Zhongguancun Online]

    1. Smart home products, quality is the most important

      Industry News2012-07-13
  • If the home is to install a smart home system, not very careful careless of those who live, is definitely a blessing. Out forgot to lock the door, computer or mobile terminal remote control click on the greater ease; home gas forgot to close the intelligent alarm system will send you an alert, you can avoid unnecessary accidents; it rained, the house windows did not shut the intelligent system will automatically help you close the window ... smart home system, the equivalent of a smart steward for yourself, please. Moreover, you can also remote control, ready to grasp the dynamics of the family. A trip, you no longer have to worry about home security issues, you can be anywhere around the house with you.

    However, the high-tech life is largely synonymous with lazy life. Once the life of a smart home system, the passage of time dependence will be the intelligent home, to go out not as before, carefully check the door lock is locked, the gas at home has been closed, the lights in the room did not turn off ... One can imagine, The scatterbrain it will become more careless. The existence of intelligent systems, it may make users careful in life declined.

    In case the day, intelligent system quality issues failed, how do we do? For example, you go out morning and forgot to lock the door to the office would like to locked computer terminals, they can not control this time, the user must be very anxious, it only ran home. The quality of the product must never be overlooked, in particular, is a product of such users of smart home whole family and their close relations. Therefore, the fault tolerance of the smart home must be reduced to a minimum. Nokia's "people-oriented" popular, interpretation of the truth of human technology. Indeed, the manufacturers in the production of smart home, be sure to adhere to the core of people-oriented, real departure from the user's needs, with quality to win the trust of users, to ensure that their own products can really bring security and convenience for the user. The smart home industry and resolutely put an end to the existence of cheating shoddy manufacturers. Businesses, manufacturers, merchants, must take responsibility first.

    The smart home is one the people in their lives gradually get to know such a thing, in fact people always want to gradually improve their own lives, so to improve their own lives do not necessarily want to change a new house before they need to improve, oftengradually carried out. Smart home is actually for all, open to all families, as long as we developed the smart home products are truly able to meet people's lives become more and more good hope, in fact, whether he live in new houses or live in the old house, he will in this regard will want to improve, to apply. Adhere to the "human technology" only real, the responsibility first, smart home products can be truly realized in order to bring safe and convenient features. Source: [Smart Home]

    1. Smart home business debut 2012 Electrical Building Technology Exhibition

      Company News2012-06-12
  • 洛尚展台

    In the morning of June 9, 2012, the Guangzhou International Lighting Fair in Guangzhou, China Import and Export Fair Complex (Pazhou) grand opening of this exhibition for a period of four days (June 9th - June 12th), Guangzhou buildingelectrical technology Exhibition held in the same period in hot.

    Guangzhou International Electrical Building Technology Exhibition, is divided into a construction electrician electrical exhibition "and" Building Automation and Smart Home Zone ", including Schneider, Legrand, Hedong Electronics, TRI KOTI, Bunche, electronic, or wide monitoring and control, Nanjing Tian Su, Kim Tong-hui, Ningbo Dua, KNX organization of more than 300 exhibiting companies, is one of the most important industry exhibition in Asia. The exhibition area of 18,000 square meters, compared to 2011, an increase of 80%, a construction electrician electrical and building automation and smart home products featuring themed areas. Exhibits cover the electrical products and devices, substation equipment, electrical accessories and electrical materials, intelligent home systems, building control systems, etc.. Exhibits highlighting the construction electrician electrical and building automation and smart home solutions, products, services and technology. [Source: thousands of network]

    1. scientific and technological innovation lead business transformation to accelerate the

      Company News2012-05-31 09:23
  • Now, when many companies for the decline in orders, profits trouble, Electrical and Mechanical Technology Co., Ltd. in Ningbo Dua area of ​​the factory is one of the busy workers were busy packing the delivery truck pull cargo already waiting at the factory dooroutside ...... "order of the first quarter over last year by nearly 50 percent," said, "the development of enterprises is gaining momentum this year, the output value is expected to growth from 5.2 billion last year to 700 million Yuan Zhu, Executive Vice Presidentmore than $. "

    In fact, this is the the the Dua electromechanical great importance to technological innovation, early transition to the sustainable development of apparent effect. Since 2008, the company began to carry out technological transformation and to strengthen scientific research and team building to enhance its own brand, the number of engineers from the original 11 soared to more than 160 now, to accelerate new product development cycle, the industrial chain continued to expand, the current total of 100 invention patents, utility model patents and other types of patents, and declare the success of a national high-tech enterprises. "This year we also plan to declare all kinds of patents 80, to succeed to declare the province of patent holders." Yuan Zhu said.

    This year, domestic and international economic situation is not optimistic, Dua electromechanical Zhenhai, Ningbo, enterprises rely on scientific and technological innovation to promote the transformation and upgrading of a microcosm of the development of other enterprises to be learned. It is understood that since the beginning of this year, Zhenhai District, enterprises in the face of adversity for "Breakthrough" unprecedented enthusiasm for technological innovation is increasingly becoming an important means for companies seeking development.

    Zhenhai District, the 13th Party Congress report pointed out that to enhance the capability of independent innovation. The implementation of technological innovation and support to lead the "718" plans to deepen the scientific and technological innovation "10 +1" project, improve the regional technological innovation system. Strengthen the dominant position of enterprises' technological innovation, the promotion of innovation resources into enterprises. To strengthen scientific and technological innovation, scientific and technological research and development incubator platform, in-depth implementation of the brands, patents, standardization, "the three Strategy, to encourage and support high-tech industries, new industries and development of competitive industries, expand the group of high-tech enterprises, and promote people's livelihood and scientific and technological work.

    "We continue to highlight the dominant position of enterprises in technological innovation, improve the capability of independent innovation." Relevant person in charge of Science and Technology Bureau of Zhenhai District, told reporters, the Zhenhai enterprise technology innovation carrier construction and cultivate their own intellectual property rights, encourage and guide morethe innovative elements into enterprises. Through the establishment of the improvement of enterprise engineering technical center construction echelon training system, to encourage enterprises to increase investment in technical innovation, and enhance corporate technology research and development institutions, and strive to the end of the "12th Five-Year", the establishment of enterprise engineering and technical centers at all levels of 100. Promote enterprise intellectual property protection, and support enterprises to develop the patent declaration to strengthen the protection of the core technology to encourage the industrialization of patented technologies, to increase the patent demonstration enterprise training efforts, and strive to "12th Five-Year" above the level of patent model enterprise in the late 20.

    Foster scientific and technological enterprises, strengthen high-tech enterprise groups of Zhenhai District in the future scientific and technological work. Zhenhai will establish and improve the district-level scientific and technological innovation enterprises, the municipal science and technology enterprises, the national high-tech enterprise echelon Training System, relying on the National University Science Park of Ningbo City and Ningbo petrochemical economic and Technological Development Zone to two national parks, and nurture high-tech industries and emerging industry, expand the ranks of high-tech enterprises. Strive to "12th Five-Year" at the end of national high-tech enterprises reached 50, the high-tech industrial output value accounted for regulation on the proportion of the total industrial output value reached 36%.

    "We have to organize the implementation of a number of major scientific and technological projects, driven by technological innovation and industrial upgrading. Zhenhai District Technology Bureau official said, each year focused on organizing the implementation of City District, a major scientific and technological project (the key) 5, bymajor (the key) preferred a commissioned project, with the help of university institutes, scientific research efforts to solve a number of industrial transformation and the key technological problems and challenges of the upgrades, and economic and social development. Encourage enterprises to use high technology to transform traditional industries and high-tech industrialization key new products preferential funding, to support enterprises to increase the development of new products, improve the scientific and technological content and market competitiveness of the enterprise products.

    "Fighting for the efforts in technological innovation, can 'second five' at the end so that the Zhenhai and establish a technology innovation system with enterprises as the main body, market-oriented combination of research, enterprise technology strength and innovation capacity significantlyenhance market competitiveness constantly enhance and accelerate the transformation and upgrading of enterprises. "the official said. [Source: People]

    1. Wireless smart home into mainstream ZigBee technology concern

      Industry News2012-04-05
  • The birth of each of the new things, have the times to give it special significance. Smart home from birth to development, but also come with its unique sacred mission. With the advent of the era of the global intelligent, quality of life also showed a corresponding rise in the trend, but to survive for thousands of years of human Edict residential demand for a more humane and intelligent. Smart home since the moment of birth, is to fulfill this mission from. Subtraction, tedious daily life and the liberation of the people's hands at the same time, also allow people to experience the true sense of intelligent life.

    With the continuous development of science and technology, intelligent home technology keeps changing and the direction of getting better. Traditional smart home products because of its technological backwardness, antiquated point of view, innovation fatigue and other disadvantages have been gradually eliminated by the market. With the rapid development of Internet of Things technology, the wireless Internet of Things technology to traditional smart home has brought new opportunities for the industry, has injected new vitality, some of the world's outstanding enterprises have set foot in the Internet of Things smart home industry.

    Wireless smart home will become the mainstream of development of the industry

    Wireless smart home as an important branch of the smart home system, focus on simplicity and ease of maintenance established in the smart home system. Also have the function of the intelligent home, but the control mode from wired to wireless. Unlike some cable systems, wireless control terminal, completely wireless connection between the control and be controlled, and does not require conversion, can be achieved from the simplest one controller to control a light switch until the family lighting, curtains comprehensive intelligent control of the air-conditioning, access control, and electrical equipment. Compared to traditional smart home system, the wireless smart home system more flexible and can be expansionary, in addition, it also has low-cost, low power consumption, in line with the low-carbon life "green smart home concept. The cost is relatively higher.

    At present, most of the smart home products sold in our market or the wired and wireless combination mainly due to its complex wiring structure, tend to ask users to buy the professional staff to install, but if the wireless smart homeproduct, the user is not only no longer need professionals to install, according to their needs DIY smart home products. Easy to operate, the price is relatively cheap, can be said that the wireless smart home will be an inevitable trend to replace the existing product market position. China's industry experts also believe that the smart home industry has a great market in China, and wireless intelligent home as a future development trend, the competition in the market accounted for a favorable position, so the prospect of very worthy enterprise and user expectations.

    ZigBee wireless technology in the smart home

    ZigBee technology is a short-range, low complexity, low power, low data rate, low-cost two-way wireless communication technology can be embedded in a variety of devices, while supporting the geographic targeting. Relative to the existing variety of wireless communication technology, ZigBee technology with ultra-low power consumption and cost characteristics, suitable for carrying data traffic small business, ZigBee technology is ideal for use in wireless sensor networks applications.

    Based on the characteristics of wireless transmission, ZigBee first set without additional installation of communication cables between devices solutions, wireless solutions, the spread between the equipment coverage throughout the house, to break through the solid structures, like walls, furniture, and other naturalbecome possible. Simply replace the traditional switch can immediately realize the intelligent control of lighting, curtains and other electrical appliances, and any non-professional electrician can be installed. The capacity of the system, if required in the future but also continue to extend and modify.

    Simple and similar to the traditional mode of operation can be used for a variety of electrical control of the home, you can also simplify the complex operations without the need to allow users to worry about setting and memory problems. It can be seen ZigBee wireless technology in the smart home will have broad application prospects.

    In the era of the Internet of Things technology smart home life has become more convenient. At this stage of ZigBee wireless technology has been applied to the home environment, part of the smart home products using such technology. ZigBee wireless technology and intelligent home integration, will eventually make the wireless intelligent home to lead the market and towards a broader application. With the improvement in technology, the falling cost of smart home life will no longer be a dream, the wireless technology revolution will lead the smart home into a new course of development.

    1. A mobile wireless smart home system is in control

      Industry News2012-02-20
  • Pushed open the door to the history of several thousand years, people's habits, the way the changes can be tracked. Some memories tiptoe to pull the switch the following piece of lamp cord; standing on a stool outside through the cat's eye to see who the; to worry about a gas leak in the kitchen to check over and over again ... Today, all this in the "palm" grip.

    Some friends asked "Why should I installed smart home, hand switch used to it, into a touch screen panel started to feel the trouble. Imagine lying in bed to move the hands will be able to draw the curtains, turn off the lights, check the door lock trouble, turn around or get out of bed in the house one by one to troubleshoot trouble? In theory, of course, is to control the housing with the terminals of the intelligent home more convenient and simple. As an acquaintance of smart home is an objective for the first time with the intelligent home contact more experience novelty. Housing, intelligent, beautiful on the one hand, more importantly, the people who live minds are at ease. New strength after the smart home, smart home, in the practical, we can give it play a bit?

    Simply smart home system consists of: communication networks, home environment, smart appliances, home entertainment, home control, security systems, cabling, intelligent lighting. These eight systems are reflected in the general housing equipped with a smart home system, and from the functional coverage of the past, home appliances. Security systems, security, smart home line from the building intercom, access control to identify the smoke alarm and home monitoring, protection step by step security of households; breakthrough in the understanding of the personal home security limited to the building intercom, access control the introduction of a more personalized products. An endless stream of home entertainment in the entertainment aspect of cloud TV, automatic washing machine, 3D images, compared to the mass entertainment tool content is richer, more powerful, work tends to thin. In the intelligent control of smart home appliances is more accurate and convenient, such as a remote control, time setting for some appliances. Smart home is not temporary gimmick, but the product of the role of the technology wave.

    Google China has released the first smart phone user habits survey. The smart phone penetration rate of the urban areas of China has entered the global top five, with the proportion of smart phones for more than one year, compared with the Asia-Pacific the highest. The intelligent home control terminal and the mode of operation of the smart phone is very similar, of course, a smart phone directly as a smart home control terminal.

    The intelligent home has not yet formed the popularity of the trend, operating habits is one of the factors. A lot of people like adventures, but not necessarily willing to pay for an unknown life. Do not know the smart home, smart home system control of the house has completely changed our traditional operating practices, this time of awareness of the intelligent home is very important.Google China has released the first smart phone user habits survey. The smart phone penetration rate of the urban areas of China has entered the global top five, with the proportion of smart phones for more than one year, compared with the Asia-Pacific the highest. The intelligent home control terminal and the mode of operation of the smart phone is very similar, of course, such as objects associated sensing, smart phones directly as intelligent home control terminal.

    Google's research shows that Chinese cities is one of the highest in the world's top five smart phone penetration reached 35%; of every three people, one person has more than two or two phone respondents, the proportion in the Asia-Pacifichighest in the region. Current technology to do the smart phones and smart home systems integration is not a problem. From the field of view of the CPSE, intelligent home mobile terminal instead of a fixed control terminal. Habits, from the operating point of view, the penetration of smart phones to smart home control terminal transition is also beyond reproach.

    A cell phone, a master of control families of all equipment, in order to present you with a perfect wireless smart home system.

    When you have just left home to work, I suddenly remembered the windows at home and electrical appliances have not closed at this time, do not panic, open the phone user interface, it is all done; work, then phone by pressing a few, so that the rice cooker to start cooking, water heaters began to boil water, air conditioning slowly adjusted to the appropriate body temperature. When you get home, you can take a shower, eat hot meals, also feel the pleasant temperature inside the house ... [Source: The intelligent home network]

    1. The quality of life by feelings of wireless smart home

      Industry News2012-02-16
  • Summer, ready to go home using a mobile phone call can open the air-conditioning at home in advance, to prepare a cup of fresh juice juicer; lazy winter, lying on the living room sofa by remote control can make the nextstudy, where the printer to print the files need to meet tomorrow; look tight security in the district where the less Whose gas leak, someone broke into, can be promptly reported to the telegraph device, whether you can go from nowhereuse it to understand the situation at home ...

    This scenario will definitely give you is to enter a magician's treasure chest, but it may be 2012 in our daily lives - when our home has become intelligent enough, can mankind freed from trivial. In fact, the residential life around us, and not so expensive as we thought.

    Smart home, It was first called smart house (smart home), is the use of computer, networking, and integrated wiring technology, the various subsystems and home life through the family information management platform to organically combine a total system. First, they must establish a communication network in a home for a family information to provide the necessary pathway under the control of the network, control and monitoring of all on the home network appliances and other equipment. Second, they also constitute a channel of communication with the outside world, with the world outside the family to communicate information to meet the remote control.

    Smart home have become so powerful, by remote control, it can help you put the bath water, but also to indoor lighting, music automatically adjusts to the best condition, so that your bath life comfortable and cozy. Three years ago, the smart home in China is still a distant concept of pure imagination, and now the smart home industry in China has made rapid development and to infiltrate our lives, digital estates, antimicrobial switch actinic lighting. The smart switch, smart home system, these familiar words have been around, but we do not pay attention to nothing. The intelligent home technology is currently in China, mainly in the control and security lighting, electrical appliances, entertainment devices.

    Intelligent home system can control the switching of all lighting and brightness adjustment, set up a variety of scene modes, which can easily control the home's electrical equipment; intelligent home is the most extensive security functions, was likened to the image of it homesecurity guards, because it has a burglar alarm, fire alarm and other functions. In addition, the intelligent home can also act as Home Secretary, it can be through the digital voice mail system to facilitate the family a message, but also at home or remotely, family voice mail. As smart home experts describe as "When you travel, a series of detectors to protect the safety of your home, when the gas detector gas, whether at home, all by remote control or telephone remote control at home all; leak, when the infrared detector to detect illegal intruders, the valve controller will immediately close the valve, the alarm will immediately start, at the same time report to the property management center or the number you set. "for many consumers, the smart home perhaps a long way off, however, video intercom, security systems, but long ago has become an integral part of the familiar people's lives, it is also home to part of the intelligence in.

    When you have just left home to work, I suddenly remembered the windows and appliances in the home did not pass, this time, do not panic, using a mobile phone call all get; work, and then the phone dial a few keys, so that the rice cooker to start burningrice, water heaters began to boil water, air conditioning slowly adjusted to the appropriate body temperature. When you get home, you can take a shower, eat hot meals, also feel the pleasant temperature inside ...

    Do not think that this is a fantastic life, only the wealthy millionaires enjoy affordable, in fact, many families with the smart home system using the Internet of Things technology, early to enjoy the high-tech with some of the community in Nanjing, Hangzhouto the comfort and convenience of life. A mobile phone, a master of control all the devices of the family, to present you with the perfect wireless smart home. [Source: Smart Home]

    1. Add three of Zhenhai, Ningbo, Zhejiang Export Brand "enterprise

      Company News2012-02-08 13:03
  • The reporter learned from Ningbo Zhenhai District Bureau of Commerce, Zhejiang Provincial Department of Commerce recently announced the 2011 Zhejiang Export Brand "company list, the list of seven enterprises in Zhenhai District, Ningbo Jinding Fastener Co., Ltd., Ningbo Dua Electrical Technology Co., Ltd.plastic Technology Co., Ltd. and Ningbo home, three companies awarded the title for the first time, four business success through the review.

    According to the District Bureau of Commerce staff to participate in the selection of the conditions involved in the current year's exports, quality management system certification, and technological innovation. Yuan Zhu, Deputy General Manager of the Electrical and Mechanical Technology Co., Ltd. in Ningbo Dua said, "Now we coming for 'Zhejiang Export Brand', influence, visibility, and other aspects of this enterprise is sure to help, not only help enterprises to improve the value of the products , but also improve the recognition of customers' businesses and products. "he said, the company has been focusing on the creation of the brand since 2008, has won the district, city, provincial and three of the title of" export brands ". It is understood that the Dua electromechanical last year invested more than 200 million yuan of funds dedicated to the company's brand planning and with France Shang Feigong in cooperation with the Division to enter the high-end market of tubular electromechanical industry.

    It is reported that the Zhenhai District has formed a national, provincial, municipal and district four export brand training system. Up to now, Zhenhai District, total exports of 25 brand-name enterprises, which have a Commerce Department finds that the export of brand-name enterprises, export brand enterprises in Zhejiang Province 7, 8 export brand enterprises in Ningbo City, Zhenhai District 9 export brand enterprises. [Source: People]

    1. Ningbo Zhenhai nine enterprises to participate in the 30 GB to develop

      Company News2011-12-13 10:14
  • Recently, Ningbo Zhenhai District Branch of Quality Supervision, District Finance issued in 2011 (industry) standard system (repair) to provide incentive funding enterprises in Zhenhai District 9 in 30 countries (industries) and amend standards project won awards 1.125 million under the, incentive funds and the number of award-winning companies are the biggest this year.

    Winning companies, fasteners, Kowloon, in 2009 became the first successfully presided over the development of international standards of Ningbo enterprises; Amico, Christina of machines and Dua electromechanical enterprises are the star of the the camel streets of industrial enterprises for the local record of nearly two billionoutput value; Ningbo City Wenkui Holdings Group Co., Ltd. to participate in as many as eight countries, industry stationery standard-setting; Ningbo Zhongxin pen Industry Co., Ltd., Ningbo Yuan Hing stationery Co., Ltd., Ningbo pairs and stationery Co., Ltd. and other enterprises to participate in Ningbo Citythe stationery Union standards system (repair) to become the protagonist of my stationery industry, promote the healthy development of the traditional stationery industry.

    So far, Zhenhai District, reward system (revising) the international, national, industry-standard total of 93, an award worth a total of 360 million yuan, greatly mobilized the enthusiasm of the standardization work, a strong impetus to the implementation of standardization strategies in Zhenhai.

    In recent years, Zhenhai District, proposed to optimize the industrial structure, improve the industrial level "and" quality area "that strategy, to enhance the standard as an important starting point for upgrading the industrial level, and introduced a series of incentive policies. Zhenhai District Quality Supervision Bureau have been in conjunction with the provincial, city of standardization organized by the fastener industry to enhance the seminar, stationery standard publicize and implement the work topics, standardization member special counseling and training sessions and other activities, training of technical personnel of enterprises, encourage, help enterprises in the production process, the emphasis on standardized concept to promote the standardization of management. [Source: People]

    1. Lawson, electrical and mechanical professional tubular motor manufacturer

      Company News2010-11-19
  • Projection era, November 18 hearing held InfoComm Asia 2010 exhibition at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, professional tubular motor manufacturer Lawson (Dua electromechanical) to bring its products to attend the exhibition.


    The Dua electromechanical focus on research and development of international standards of the tubular motor products. In product development, the full implementation of ISO9001 international quality system in the production process, a systematic, standardized, standardized operation to provide users with a stable high-quality motor products. Dua, mechanical and electrical tubular motor is mainly used for the operation of the drive roller shutters, projection screen, garage door automation, the product has low noise, subtle and strong, small size, easy installation, features, and strive to meet the high quality of life rising .


    Field staff to explain the Dua Electric Co., Ltd. production receiver and transmitter are mainly used in intelligent system solutions and different solutions, and strive to satisfy customer demand for automation.


    The InfoComm Asia 2010 Exhibition Dua electromechanical display dedicated to the projection screen control the exchange of the transmitter, when the projector is turned on, the exchange triggers will automatically detect the projector there is a current, the trigger will automatically launchsignal to the projector screen, projector screen to automatically open use; when the projector is turned off, the trigger will also detected no current through the projector, then the trigger will issue a shut down signal, the projection screen receives the signal will automatically recover, smartof the control saves time and effort.


    Dua electromechanical three tubular motor show, the main difference is what? Projection era of network reporters on the issue consulted the Dua mechanical and electrical staff, got this reply: The three tubular motor DM45S standard tubular motor, only the mechanical travel limit; DM45R, DM35R, on the Radio built-in remote control-type tubular motor, in addition to mechanical travel limit, but also with Dua electromechanical a wireless transmitter with remote operation of the limit, the main difference of these two motors in the motor outside the tube diameter and speed of the motor torque. Although these three motor differences, but they all needed applications and electric roller shutter doors, electric awning and electric projection screen. Source: projection era

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